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Spedire Pacco UK and London

Ship to France a package starting from 15,08€.

Enter the shipping area now your departure city in Italy, the destination London and the weight of the package and start the search immediately.

The system will offer in seconds a list of foreign shipping proposals to London among BRT DPD, BRT Euroexpress, SDA Road Europe and Skynet with all the information related to delivery times and costs.

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For shipments to London, as well as for the whole of the European Community, no documentation is required, while if you want to ship packages outside the EU you will need to fill out a form for the Customs.

On the Spedirecomodo website, you can book where and when you want your online shipment to London and make secure payments via major credit cards or PayPal and you will receive the assistance you have need via Live Chat or mail.

The online tracking service allows you to follow the status of the shipment through the codes assigned by both the international courier and Spedirecomodo.

Important Tips for Shipping to London

When you book your delivery of a package in London, follow these recommendations:

  • Be aware if you can send the contents of the parcel in accordance with international laws of shipping goods. For this you can consult the list of “Forbidden Articles”.
  • Introduce the size and weight of the package and check the price and delivery time.
  • Write your pick-up and delivery addresses in London clearly and legibly and check what you need to print, such as labels or invoices.
  • Couriers qualified in international shipments to London, however, in order to avoid unnecessary problems, you need to pay attention to the packaging, so as to ensure safe transport of the goods.
  • Enjoy the best shipping services abroad at cheap prices only with Spedirecomodo!

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